Ten.Five Hundred & Sixty

  1. I should just wake up now so that I can go get the donuts. They’ll be happy about the donuts. I want greens and protein.

  2. I really gotta take down this tree today.

  3. Shaming myself for not loving myself more is no way to move through the day. And so, maybe some self-forgiveness is in order.

  4. I forgive myself for being human.

  5. Fig jam and blue cheese and goat cheese and grossini. The grocery store is so quiet this morning. No one here does anything before 9 am.

  6. I’m high enough in the hills to touch the clouds.

  7. He’s back. Sad about his Alabama loss, surprised that I remembered his first and last name and that he doesn’t want to drink the chardonnay we’re pouring today.

  8. She asks if she has to put in her real birthday or if she can use her first one. Her real birthday is the same one as Trump’s and she said she just couldn’t stand it so she celebrates on a different day. We laugh and commiserate over the counter the way I think only people of color can.

  9. Mouth so dry.

  10. The best part of leaving is how sweetly they welcome me back home.