Ten.Five Hundred & Seventy-Two

  1. The only way to become is to do.

  2. Shivering after drinking a smoothie. Smoothies are for summer time but the kids are always asking for them.

  3. More hours to myself.

  4. I take my coffee and a the book to her bed because her room is getting the most sunlight right now which means it’s the warmest.

  5. I accidentally read three stories instead of two because the writing is just that good. But I mustn’t fall into the trap of trying to get so inspired that I never sit down to write.

  6. I live in California.

  7. I could live here. There aren’t very many brown people though. But we need to be closer to the city and maybe we could get slightly better schools. This is always the hardest part: realizing that it’s not possible to get everything you want. There will always be a compromise of some kind.

  8. I step out onto the front porch and put my face in the sun.

  9. Homework.

  10. “Maybe we’re not as great of parents as we thought.” “Everyone is just making it up as they go along. No one is a great parent. We’re all just doing our best.”