Ten.Five Hundred & Seventy-Six

  1. Just a little more sleep.

  2. I hear something. Dishes clanging, maybe? They’re up before me.

  3. Chili for dinner today? Yes. I think these skies mean it’s a good day for chili.

  4. Some quiet time for myself. More water. The last cup of coffee. A chat with her.

  5. “Privilege is not the same thing as Autonomy.”

  6. Craving freedom. Yes. Wanting time back for self-exploration. Yes. Remembering that I am safe to make my own choices. Yes.

  7. “We’re going to India 4 U.”

  8. The man doesn’t understand English well enough to take our order. He sets a pen and a small pad of purple paper down to have me write it out. Samosas, Tandoori Prawns, Naan, Chicken Buriyani, one bottle of Hahn Chardonnay.

  9. The cornbread batter looks exceptional airy today. Hope it turns out well.

  10. 54 days.