Ten.Five Hundred & Seventy-Four

  1. I should go get something for breakfast. I can’t really skip the Friday grocery shopping chore.

  2. I can see the orange beginning to seep through the clouds. This is going to be a colorful morning.

  3. Not much time.

  4. Where did all the fog come from?

  5. So many birds. It’s hard not to feel they are friends carrying secret messages. Yes. They all mean something to me.

  6. Everyone keeps asking me, “how’s it going? How do you like it?” They seem surprised at my answers. I don’t know why.

  7. 56 days.

  8. Fresh eyes see the gaps.

  9. Those red lights. Even after all these night drives, seeing them when I come up over the hill gives me a bit of a fright.

  10. Too tired to read.