Ten.Five Hundred & Seventy-Eight

  1. Boiled eggs with beet horseradish and a few slices of bacon.

  2. He’s eaten three bowls of cereal. Everyone was up and out here before me again. Gotta get rid of this cold.

  3. Oh, no. Not another one that wants to do a science fair project. He’s dead set on the volcano. She is beginning to freak out about the fact that her spherification project is due in 5 days. How hands on am I supposed to be about this?

  4. There are only two of them in the car and this makes for a quieter ride. Take away one, it’s always so different.

  5. Why the tension?

  6. It’s warmer outside on the patio, in the sun, than it is inside. I ought to bring a small table out here so that I can write with my back warmed by the mid-day light. Remember to look on Craigslist for something suitable.

  7. I stop for crossword puzzles and sour gummy worms.

  8. The sound of the ball hitting the glove. A good and hard swack. I wonder if he appreciates having a mother who will throw a ball around. He goes inside to change his shirt and pick off a lemon and an orangey orange. The smell of citrus on my fingertips.

  9. I wish they hadn’t changed this PInot Noir so much. It used to be so elegant.

  10. Edge.