Ten.Five Hundred & Forty-Nine

  1. Happy New Year.

  2. This is the kind of dark and quiet I like.

  3. Bacon and scrambled eggs. No coffee because I don’t like what it’s been doing to me these past few days. Who am I kidding? I’ll make myself a cappuccino in a few hours.

  4. A freshly fallen lemon. The oranges are getting more orange. It seems like a silly thing to say out loud except I also know that there is something to giving voice to your noticings.

  5. What’s that voice? Whose tv is blaring? Oh. That’s the city’s New Year’s Day 5k.

  6. 30 minutes of writing. Devotion.

  7. Bird shadows.

  8. She asks me if I am learning to read water. I say, “yes, actually I am. I just learned about how to read puddles. How you can tell which way is North after a rain.” She can’t believe it.

  9. Beef stroganoff. A blend from Languedoc.

  10. Bella’s heart chakra blend. I’ve been wearing it every night after the showers. The smell of it is youth and soft skin and joy.