Ten.Five Hundred & Fifty-Two

  1. The phone was right. It was pretty easy getting up at 5:30 after waiting until 10:30 to go to sleep. I think I’ve been going to bed too early.

  2. Let’s make something with prosciutto and eggs.

  3. No one is as excited about crispy prosciutto as I am.

  4. Examine your expectations. Examine your expectations. Examine your expectations.

  5. The quietness of a grocery story on a weekday morning. I hear my own heals, managers talking to other employees about the day, where to stack things, what items are missing. And it’s early enough that everyone is still pleasant and happy.

  6. Headache.

  7. Camera play. I block the light and then reveal it. Eye contact with the camera. Who is this woman?

  8. I join him on his bike ride. It’s a little chilly but yet I’m still breaking a tiny sweat. “I’m glad we live in California,” he says. “Look at this. I’m riding a bike in shorts!" Yes, man. You’re wearing shorts in January.

  9. How do we expedite this?

  10. The irises are opening up beautifully. They remind me walking through Whole Foods with Jennette before we headed to the ranch. I can’t wait for Fever Dreams. 9 Months to go.