Ten.Five Hundred & Fifty-Seven

  1. Shoot. Fell asleep too early last night. It’s only 4 am. When did he come into the bed. Oh yes, that’s right, he said he was having nightmares.

  2. Today is the short day. Laundry and making lots of lists.

  3. Where are my slippers?

  4. I bring down all the containers so that I can put away the Christmas tree but instead I catch up on emails and then tuck myself into bed with a big glass of water. It’s been a long 4 days.

  5. Off-dry.

  6. The oldest has a sour face. Must be homework.

  7. I tell him that I have to get back off the coffee, the afternoon crash is too hard. All I want to do is sleep.

  8. Their giggles. This light. This moment.

  9. I think back to what he’s been saying, “I’m betting on myself. I’m betting on us.”

  10. I just want to close my eyes.