Ten.Five Hundred & Fifty-Nine

  1. Next time use less flax milk when using it as a substitute for milk in the scones.?

  2. Why am I yelling?

  3. Oh, yeah. So I’m feeling lonely. I am grieving loss of relationships. I am excited about potential new relationships but there is nothing yet solid here. Also, stressed about time. My list of desires is so long I feel like I can’t hold them all. But that is nothing new.

  4. The post office isn’t open yet. I forget how early it is sometimes.

  5. Whoops. Triggered. Suddenly I’m aware that I’m afraid of how she might see me differently?

  6. Questions. So many questions.

  7. But I shouldn’t care what others think, should I? Regardless, this is really just showing me that there’s so much more to explore and unpack in this choice-making.

  8. Free run, skin contact Chardonnay from Scribe. Poached chicken finished on the grill with pureed winter squash and sauteed broccolini. Apple and sour cherry galette.

  9. I realize that everyone’s funky energy today might have something to do with my own energy. I can feel my own dark cloud today.

  10. There’s no rush.