Ten.Five Hundred & Fifty-Five

  1. The man’s name is Dom. That’s what I remember from the dream. And he had a scraggly beard and wild hair and tender eyes. I don’t know who he is and yet I do. I’m drawing circles and figure eights in his palm with my fingertip. It feels like this means something.

  2. I fell asleep too early last night. The clock says 4:16.

  3. I apologize for having to drop them off a little earlier than usual. I have no idea what the traffic will be like.

  4. I start my way through the hills and I feel the pressure building up behind my eyes. The tears want to come. I’m just so happy.

  5. People will tire of hearing how happy I am, won’t they? I don’t care.

  6. It’s funny how tears can mean so many different things. Two months ago the tears were salty. Now they taste fresh.

  7. I think again about the tender dream. I could have more tenderness.

  8. Mama said
    Fulfill the prophecy
    Be something greater
    Go make a legacy
    Manifest destiny
    Back in the days
    We wanted everything, wanted everything
    Mama said
    Burn your biographies
    Rewrite your history
    Light up your wildest dreams
    Museum victories, everyday
    We wanted everything, wanted everything

  9. I forgot to thaw the ground turkey.

  10. But really, I can’t wait to take them tasting, and to the beach, and to the woods. March can’t come soon enough.