Ten.Four Hundred & Twenty-Nine

1. Headache. Sinus + Stress. 

2. Bacon and potatoes and smoothie. Lots of water. 

3. I'll try to get this work done from bed. 

4. There they are. The two of them. The fawn reaches their head up to nibble on the leaves from the lower branches of the trees. Seeing them always makes me smile.

5. Lots of water and bed. Computer and notebooks beside me. There is much to be done and I'm trying to do it from here. It seems to be the best place to handle not only the work but the waves of nausea that won't stop knocking. 

6. This little kid, though. His face and his smile and the way he talks. Always so animated. Always so loving. When he's not whining like a 3-year old, he's the funniest and charming 7-year old. Sometimes my biggest challenge. But the hardest things are always worth it. 

7. It's Monday? I leave in 3 days. 

8. We decided to make pho for dinner instead of the greek salad with chicken. The smell of cinnamon sticks and star anise and coriander and clove, ginger and chicken broth and soy—all of it soothing. 

9. I did promise cupcakes. I try a recipe from the cookbook I inherited from my husband's aunt. It's filled with old-school recipes and instructions on how to carve fruit into animals. I decide on a recipe for a plain white cake. The batter is light and fluffy. I try a new-to-me frosting that ends up looking more like a glaze. But no one will complain about eating a soft butterscotch. 

10. I work some more until I can't.