Ten.Four Hundred & Twenty-Eight

1. I'm late to the smoothie trend. 

2. Still another queasy morning. I'm beginning to think it wasn't just the coffee but something else. Back-to-school germs. I'm usually more immune. Also, probably stress. 

3. It's always so much quieter with on less child. 

4. Ginger and lemon tea to settle the stomach. Back to bed. More British Baking Show. Unlike most American competitions, the contestants are kind to one another, congenial. It's interesting to see the difference in culture. 

5. Crock-pot chicken tacos.

6. Hornworms on the tomato plants. Little white larvae on their backs. 

7. I keep forgetting that I leave in only 4 days. I am feel no feelings about it other than it will be neat to explore a different wine country and a different part of the state. And maybe it will re-inspire me as we continue with this process. I'll remember just exactly what kind of light waits at the end of the tunnel. 

8. My tacos taste dry. I forgot the chopped tomatoes. 

9. The two of us ride our bikes around the neighborhood after dinner. I like this. The kids opt to stay home, for whatever reason. It smells like grilling. The air is quiet. There's hardly any noise. A peaceful Sunday suburban evening. 

10. So much to do tomorrow.