Ten.Four Hundred & Thirty-Two

1. Gentle rain. 

2. I warm up the leftover miso soup for breakfast and giggle at the lamb comment.

3. One shortish to-do list and this feels good. 

4. The kids keep asking questions. They are so excited to see their grandfather. I wonder at what age the excitement will go away. Maybe it never will. I hope it never does. 

5. Five baskets of laundry. I always run out of time on travel days. 3:30 arrived much more quickly than I thought it would. The concept of time is so crazy. No one minute is ever the same. 

6. I'm going home. 

7. When we pick him up at baggage claim the first thing I notice is the large knee brace. I am wondering what happened. I am imagining him falling down those spiral stairs in his home. I am thinking about how they aren't that old but maybe it's time to start really talking about downsizing and one-story living because we are already so far away and we're going even further. I am already beginning to think about how to get them to California to be with us. 

8. I walk and walk and walk up until the very last minute because 4.5 hours is a really long time to sit. 

9. I open my eyes and see all the stars. Front-row tickets to galaxy gazing. 

10. In-N-Out at 1 am. I am home.