Ten.Four Hundred & Thirty-Seven

  1. Fog over everything.

  2. The grasses out back are beginning to grow taller again and the drops of dew look like a dusting of white.

  3. I need 2.5 cups of sugar. Early morning run to Meijer so that I can make these muffins.

  4. A double batch of blueberry muffins. This recipe never fails. I accidentally melted the butter and the mixture looks slightly off.

  5. Tuesdays are my favorite days. Back with them again.

  6. Mimosas and conversation and bacon and pineapple and coffee. A sleeping baby in my arms.

  7. Shaky from too much caffeine. I make the teriyaki sauce and cut up the chicken for tonight’s dinner. I really ought to get to the store tomorrow.

  8. I promise to play war with him after he takes his shower. It’s the only card game I really know how to play these days.

  9. I tell him that I’d just like to be gone before Halloween. Before the cold really sets in.

  10. A sliver of moon in a watercolor sky. This dream is bigger than me.