Ten.Four Hundred & Thirty-Nine

  1. More fog. Thin color in the sky.

  2. I think I’ve put too much sugar in the granola.

  3. Sometimes they say things like, “ Do we have the antioxidant power?” and I remember that they’re incredibly spoiled and I can ignore any kind of mothering guilt.

  4. So much sun. The color of the light is changing.

  5. Two more baskets of laundry. Didn’t I just fold 4 baskets yesterday?

  6. I am glad that I was smart last week and froze some miso soup. But it is not enough and I am hungry. I have been hungry since returning from California. I hope this feeling passes soon. And I am in pain. Hungry and in pain.

  7. My arm is still sore from holding her baby. My arm is out of practice.

  8. Frozen chicken Kiev because it means I don’t have to do as much work for dinner tonight and because I know the three of them will gobble it all up.

  9. That sky. The saturated colors of sunset. The silhouettes of the trees. The twinkles of stars.

  10. Realizing that a piece of my heart still belongs in North Carolina. I remember how dramatic a hurricane would feel even though we sat in the middle of the state. I remember the morning the 40-ft pine tree fell on the roof of the house.