Ten.Four Hundred & Thirty-Eight

1. A night of strange dreams. Not very much sleep. 

2. Runny nose. Allergies? Cold 2.0? Please don’t let it be a cold. I drink a big mug of hot lemon water.  

3. I leave them early to get to the dentist. I’d rather stay at home.  

4. When the editor of a magazine solicits work from you and it turns out that you once published her work so many years ago. Full circle. It’s amazing to me that so many people remember that effort.  

5. Burger with a smoky tomato jam and grilled onions, glass of Rosso di Montalcino, root beer float cookies. And I still need something more.  

6. For the first time in a while my mind fees light.  

7. Breathe.  

8. It seems like a sign.  

9. I am overthinking it like I overthink so many other things and this is what holds me back.  

10. Remember to find a slim collection of poetry for you to read.