Ten.Four Hundred & Forty-Two

  1. I feel him crawling out of the bed. “It’s wake-up time,” he says with a smile on my face. I close my eyes and tell him to go ahead downstairs.

  2. She comes in and asks if she can make waffles again this morning. I tell her to go ahead and make the batter. If only I’d put the waffle iron in one of the lower cabinets, I wouldn’t have to get out of bed at all.

  3. No showings scheduled for the day but I feel like maybe it might happen. I tidy up and get the laundry going just in case.

  4. All I need to do is survive lunch. I laugh at the sadness of that statement: survive lunch.

  5. Everything about the whole hour and a half is awkward.

  6. I stand in the driveway with bare feet and raise my hands above my head to stretch. It’s quiet. A slight breeze is blowing and I can feel my shirt beating gently against my skin.

  7. The garden is in rough shape. So neglected. Everything needs tending.

  8. But there is something luxurious about laying your head on a soft pillow and feeling your skin being warmed by the rays of sun coming in through the window. The bedroom is glowing from all of the light.

  9. Refined Organic.

  10. I pull three cards: Inner Trust, After the Storm, Dream a Beautiful Dream. Yes.