Ten.Four Hundred & Forty-Five

  1. The color of the morning sky. This is what I love about the changing of the seasons: watching for the shift in the colors of the earth.

  2. Another no-cook breakfast morning for me because, once again, I’ve got three pots going, warming up foods for the kids to take to lunch. One wants soup, one wants beef stroganoff, another wants the leftover ravioli.

  3. I meet her at the coffee shop and we take a walk around downtown. This is a little luxury. The iced chai is a little too sweet but it’s still quite tasty. Leaves are beginning to fall and they line the brick. If only the path along the river continued to stretch along the shores.

  4. I get another load of laundry started before my sorority sister calls. She’s one of those friends you can just pick up with like no time has passed at all. It’s been at least 12 or 13 years since I’ve seen her. So many things about college did not go as I had planned, but KCook is one of the most right things and I’m grateful for it.

  5. One big bowl of leftover chicken tortilla soup. This was a good idea. I am not always the best at feeding myself throughout the day but having food that only required a quick warming on the stove means that I’ve been satiated and full and that’s a very good thing.

  6. I walk out in my bare feet. The garden needs so much attention. There’s a showing on Friday. A second showing and I just really feel like…not that things need to be perfect, but that they need to be just right for the wife who’s coming to see it for the first time.

  7. And yet I don’t want to get my hopes up.

  8. I tell him that I applied for the farm hand position. Because I just had to. We talk about how it could be a great launching pad for whatever I wanted to do in my career. It could open me up to new experiences and maybe a new path.

  9. We are both exhausted by the question “When are you moving?” I always say, “I don’t know. My house is for sale. I’d love to be gone before the first snow fall.”

  10. I’m definitely a 4.