Ten.Four Hundred & Forty

1. Tight jaw. 

2. Tomorrow is her birthday and I am unprepared. I usually am. But I am spectacularly behind in preparations. Not that there’s a lot, but I haven’t done anything. 

3. I am always afraid I won’t get the right kind of gifts.  

4. Still sore.  

5. Back to the dentist in 2 weeks. Already dreading it.  

6. One more rejection. I know that this is evidence of trying and perhaps evidence that I need to redirect my job search focus. Or maybe it means that I ought to think harder about whether or not I want to continue freelancing. Because, well, maybe it’d be worth it to be on my own terms.  

7. It’s hot and yet I’m just a tad bit cold. Sweater and shorts.  

8. Tomorrow from 10-10:45 am. She’s not happy about a showing on her birthday.  

9. Marinate pork, mince cilantro, juice limes, slice pineapple.  I take my time.  

10. I complain that I didn’t have time for myself today. He says I should get used to it. He’s right.