Ten.Four Hundred & Forty-Six

  1. Well now the sky is just showing off.

  2. Even with the case on the phone I can feel the cracks in the glass. I should probably get this taken care of sooner rather than later.

  3. He’s trying to convince me that an education isn’t necessary because he just plans to become a soccer player. I don’t doubt in his abilities to be good enough to pursue his goals, but I’m not up for debating the merits of an education while sitting in the drop-off line.

  4. I start cleaning and he tells me not to bother because I just have to do it all over again tomorrow morning. He’s right. But it’s cleaning day and that’s part of my routine. But I listen to him because he’s right and head out to work in the garden instead.

  5. Green hornworms covered in larvae. Baby green hormworms wriggling in the soil where the spinach used to be. Seeing them gives me the chills even though it’s 90 degrees. I pick them all off and toss them into the wheelbarrow with the rest of the leaves and rotten tomatoes.

  6. I decide that in order to pass the time while I clean up the garden, I’ll make up a story about the wife coming to see the house tomorrow. Maybe she is coming from a place where they have a very large yard and so her husband saw our house and the lot and maybe she gardens too and so this might be the right house for her. I think about her walking through the front door for the first time. I should get some pumpkins and some flowers for the porch. Yes. I want her to feel excited about her new home in this new place she’s never been before.

  7. I tell him that see, I have prophetic dreams. This is the twin dream.

  8. I feel like there’s not enough time today but I realize that it’s just nerves about tomorrow. I’m just ready for this to be the weekend that ends this part of the process.

  9. The wind is blowing. Tomorrow the cooler temperatures will come.

  10. “Trust in the divine timing of your life.”