Ten.Four Hundred & Fifty-Four

  1. I will remember that he has soccer this morning.

  2. I have no desire to make a meal plan for the upcoming week but every desire to eat at some point. So I guess I will make a list. Or at least a rough outline.

  3. I have no words. I mean, I have no time to work out what wants to be said in a way that makes sense right now and so I type a single sentence. How does one begin?

  4. It’s dark and cool and the kind of weather that makes you want to sleep all day. Soup again for dinner. And a sandwich. Maybe a salad too. Or chips. That sounds like a good dinner for a Friday.

  5. I am silent. I am thinking all the things but not wanting to speak out loud. I tell him that I’m going to get rid of Facebook. It doesn’t serve me. I don’t know if it really serves any one. I’ve tried multiple ways of trying to make in work so that I’m in alignment with my own values and goals but I find myself continuing to resist it. I don’t want to be consumed.

  6. Petit Chablis and Pinot Nero. Prawns, sausage flatbread, cheese plate, charcuterie board.

  7. Not cool, but cold.

  8. If I start the soup now then I can lay around and drink tea with the kids after school without feeling rushed to get dinner done. Strip corn from the cobs; chop the onions and the bell pepper, the celery and the carrots.

    9. The rain is falling and it’s exactly the kind of weather you want for soup and a slow evening.  

    10. Yeah, I think I’m done.