Ten.Three Hundred & Ninety-Six

1. I just don't feel like watering today. I'm wearing the jumpsuit and the hems will get wet if I go in the grass. 

2. Deer. Not the mom but the baby that really isn't a baby any more. It looks at least another foot taller and leaps over some of the tall grass before disappearing into the thicket. 

3. I still grind the coffee beans in the laundry room so that I don't wake any one up. I just want everyone to sleep for as long as they can. 

4. Peace this morning is watching the fog rise up over the water behind the neighbor's house. It's spotting the dear. It's sitting on the concrete step feeling its coolness beneath my feet. It's a few deep breaths before assuming the duties of the day. 

5. His birthday is tomorrow and because of what life has become these last few weeks, I am just not buying presents. They are resetting the Target but what I need is still intact. A Cubs hat, a NASA t-shirt, a headset and some Nerf bullets should be sufficient. That's one of the things I love about him is that he's so enthusiastic about everything. He is almost always happy. 

6. Butterflies. 

7. I give myself time to read a few chapters of Children of Blood and Bone before I get back to laundry. 

8. I tell her that my plan is to channel all of this energy into creation. To focus on generative thoughts and not on anxiety. 

9. I feel good about this game plan. I am hopeful. I am just ready to be done, ready to move forward. 

10. Clouds that look like mountains. I can't not hum 3 by 5 when I look at the sky. A bit of a rainbow. Seems like a good omen.