Ten.Four Hundred & Twenty-Two

1. I just need to get them to school. 

2. Of course this is the morning they want pasta and grilled cheese to pack for lunch. And someone else wants a shirt ironed. I just need them to get to school. 

3. Wet tissue on the console and a mug of hot ginger and lemon tea.  

4. I bring the laptop to bed and run through emails while I drink another glass of water and another mug of tea. 

5. I can hear the wind whipping outside. Everything is dry though. There is no rain. I’d really like to breathe.  

6. I close my eyes.  

7. Twilight Zone in the background while I try to sleep away this cold.  

8. Tomorrow at 10:45 am.  

9. I sit out on the back stoop in the sun to warm up. I watch the trees and the tall grass wave back and forth. I can only hear the rustling of the leaves. I think of how I will miss this space.

10. He always sees more in me than I can see within myself.