Ten.Four Hundred & Twenty-One

1. I'm washing my face and she wants to know if she can make scones.

2. This feels less like allergies and more like a cold. I know what to do; today means no caffeine, no dairy, a long nap, lots of ginger tea. 

3. Heat. 

4. We cut down the sunflower. It’s nkt as heavy as I thought it would be. Im sad to see it go but we will try again next year. 

5. I write out my ideal outcomes: someone who will love this house as much as I do and has sufficient funds to purchase it so that we can be on our way. Or help from the company to accelerate the sale. And then the most right fit in California. A job for me at a winery where I get to stretch myself into a different kind of work but that still lets me play up my strengths. A vibrant west coast network.  

6. 6-6:15. 

7. I can’t stop sneezing.  

8. I’d rather be at home.  

9. There’s grass just inside the door so at least they went outside. But they didn’t take a flier. 

10. Night time medicine, more tea, more water.