Ten.Four Hundred & Twenty-Five

1. Still waking up late from this cold. What happened to 4:30 Alisha?

2. I fry up a few leftover pieces of bacon and a some eggs and sit down to eat. I am craving coffee but we are out. Which is actually good because I think I should continue to stay off the caffeine for awhile. At least until my adrenals have been given enough of a rest. 

3. Remember to look up coffee alternatives. 

4. In 6 months none of this will matter. 

5. I can sense it. 

6. All the lights are on and the floors have been mopped and vacuumed and fliers are out and the Yo-Yo Ma station is playing through the Bluetooth speakers. 

7. We linger on the patio. I eat meatloaf and french fries, Petite Ruche from M. Chapoutier, and two cups of decaf coffee. I hear bits and pieces of the conversations from the table around us: it's someone's birthday; there's one woman in a group of twelve or thirteen men and I wonder if she's developed that way of talking just to fit in—to be taken more seriously; two sets of moms and daughters who've met up over lunch hour to catch up on things. 

8. Whenever there's a showing they want to know if that person has bought the house. They are always so disappointed when we say that we don't know or won't know for a few days at least. They are just as ready as we are. They don't like this hanging over their head any more than we do. 

9. The three of us watching The Great British Baking Show, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over their creations. We try to pronounce the french words for things. 

10. I think of her post where she says she'll be off of social media for 3 months. It's something I'm interested in trying too. What would a life without social media look like? I reckon there's more time and more creative inspiration and less stress and headaches. Fall is coming and the season of cutting away will soon begin.