Ten.Four Hundred & Twenty

1. No alarm. I sleep in a little bit. The sky is still so very dark and quiet. 

2. I remember why I stopped making pancakes: only two people eat them. And I am not one of them. I scramble up some eggs and cook up a few stray pieces of bacon. 

3. The sunflower died. I don't know how or when but it's definitely dead and it needs to be cut down today. It was so magnificent. At least there is a watermelon to harvest. 

4. I put headphones on so I can sing while I clean. I decide that I will sell this house.  

5. She brings her friends in and out of the house and I try not to look annoyed. I’m far too concerned with looking like an angry black woman.  

6. Fresh guacamole for lunch.  

7. I try to take a nap but can’t so I decide to do some work instead. I can’t collect my thoughts. 

8. Chicken Marsala again. This time there’s a little extra flour in the pan that thickens the sauce. It gets better each time I make it.  

9. He’s back.  

10. In the mailbox is a book on how to listen.

10. 1 This British baking show. I have so much more to learn. In another life, I’d just bake cakes and cookies and breads all day. Will someone pay you to do that? Not enough hours in the day to learn everything I want to learn.