Ten.Four Hundred & Three

1. The sky looks heavy though I don't think it's supposed to rain today. 

2. I can't wait to talk to her. It's been too long. I don't think we'll be able to fit enough into an hour and twenty-five minutes. 

3. The clouds stay low and even though the humidity is high, it's cool enough for me to linger out here this morning with coffee and a journal. 

4. My children have watched a lot of television this summer and I feel a little guilty about it. Why am I out here reading and not making them read too? I had better intentions at the start of the summer and after June, none of them really panned out, my thoughts and energy distracted by the upcoming move. 

5. Butterfly shadows. 

6. I keep touching my face as I talk. That's how I know I'm nervous and ungrounded—my hands won't stop moving. 

7. I need to cut back the watermelon again. I find my pruning shears and get to work. There is a cool breeze, but when you're standing directly under the sun it doesn't do much for you. Between the watermelon plants and the tomatoes, I manage to remove a wheelbarrow full of vegetation. I am salty and wet and feel softer. 

8. I go through and collect the ripened tomatoes in a bowl. Tonight's dinner requires cherry tomatoes and these chocolate sprinkles will be just right. 

9. She's concerned because it's 5:05 and I haven't started making dinner yet. I reassure her that I have plenty of time. 

10. Rigatoni cream sauce made from onions and tomatoes, chicken stock, cream, and thin slices of chicken. I welcome the fullness.