Ten.Four Hundred & Thirteen

1. Now he has me dreaming of Napa again as a possibility. Could we do it? Maybe.

2. The skies are still low and gray and the tops of the trees are bending in the wind. There is no rain right now but everything looks so wet. It's been a long and very dry month. These are healing rains. 

3. Blender. Bulletproof coffee. Smoothie bowls for everyone. First, some homemade granola to layer in. 

4. The humidity didn’t go away though and so it’s sticky and warm while I write the pages. I can tell by how I feel that all that will get done today is what must be done. So groceries and a little bit of cleaning. A tiny bit of cooking.  

5. Candied walnuts. 

6. I want to rest but rest doesn’t come. Browsers. Dump old files. Find the pictures of the silks we died at the ranch. Remember all the mugs of coffee. Endless coffee. And how it didn’t affect me at all.   

7. Seared tuna over rice noodles.  

8. The way the sun blinds you real good before it disappears behind the hill.  

9. Riesling.  

10.  But we shouldn't go out of guilt. And yet, maybe it's the right thing. I do not know. Family is such a thing.