Ten.Four Hundred & Sixteen

1. Thin coating of fog over everything. 

2. Blueberry muffins. Yes.  

3. #29. Collaborative Dreaming. Trust your voice. Trust others to help you along the way. Find the ones who are in alignment with your visions. Trust. Trust. Trust.

4. I had forgotten how healing these conversations are. I’ve gotten out of the habit of listening to podcasts—less time in the car alone. But yes, so healing. 

5. I miss my turn because I’m listening so hard. 

6. Coffee and mimosas with them.

7. I keep looking at my watch. He forgot.  

8. I write it all out. I write that I’m afraid we’ll never sell the house and that the company will decide not to help us get out of it. I write that I’m confused as to why no one is coming to look. I write that I’m jealous that they sold so fast and that their moving truck is here. I write that I’m angry at myself for being envious. I write that I know stewing in the negativity does me no good. 

9. I get them vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce.  

10. Refined Organic.