Ten.Four Hundred & Seventeen

1. In the dream she says to me, “it’s signed and on its way.” This feels like a good omen. 

2. But in the next series of dreams my toenail falls off.  

3. I add coconut yogurt to today’s smoothie and no one likes it but me. Noted. 

4. There's ice all over the floor and I yell. Loudly. No, I am not that composed considering the circumstances. Not at all.  

5. Dishes and client work and lots of water. The quietness of today. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. 

6. Day date. Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise is a nut in real life but I love him as Ethan Hunt.

7. For one afternoon I escape the stresses of right now. Ethan Hunt has to get the plutonium from terrorists. I just need to sell my house. 

8. Canadian and Argentinian Pinot Noir. If nothing else, my wine studies have helped me experiment with confidence. I'd like to give others the same kind of confidence. 

9. Anything is possible.  

10. I keep the dream in mind.