Ten.Four Hundred & Seven

1. Dark. Dark. Maybe rain will come today. 

2. I run down a list of what needs to be done before my feet hit the floor: haircuts for the boys, clothes shopping, clean the house (again), grocery shopping (heavy gluten-free and veggie meal plan for the week), résumé. 

3. What else is there to say?

4. Individual packages of red pepper hummus and kombucha on sale. I fill the cart with the things I know we need in order to get through this first half week of school. I can't believe summer is over and yet I'm so ready for the school year to begin. 

5. Two yellow butterflies chasing one another in front of the headlight. 

6. I decide that I'm going to be less annoyed while shopping with her. It's just the two of us. We find shorts and t-shirts and a versatile gray sweater, one pair of black leggings, even though it's still hot as blazes and it will be hot when we get to California too. But I feel good. 

7. The little boy is easy. I can pick out whatever and he is okay with it. The older one. Not only is he in men's shoes, but now men's shirts. But all he wants is logo wear and we have a quick conversation about budget before I point out a few more t-shirts. This week I'll run to the consignment shop and see what I can find for him. 

8. I see the heatwaves rising from the rooftops of the cars next door. 

9. Steak, roasted onions and peppers and small potatoes. Sometimes the simplest food is the best. I am full and tired and worried. 

10. He's good at trying to talk more about the future. Much better than I am at least. We weight out the potential pros and cons of places we've never been to. Should be closer to Napa and settle north of Oakland? Go further east and get more house for the money? Head south and east into another valley and get more yard and a little bit more of that wine country feel? We're both just ready to go.