Ten.Four Hundred & Nineteen

1. It's a cool morning. The outsides of the windows are dry. If the rain stays away it will be another gorgeous day but I wouldn't be too upset if it drizzled a little. 

2. After yesterday's screeching incident I'm hesitant to step outside into the low light. But I'm sure there's nothing out there. Right?

3. I decide that there's enough food here right now for me not to be too concerned with getting the shopping done today. "Use what you have." I have plenty. I realize that they've gotten so used to having endless options that they haven't been forced to think creatively or put in the work to feed themselves. A little resourcefulness never hurt anyone.

4. I check my emails while I sit in the passenger seat. Respond to a few. Nothing is very critical. It's easy to think otherwise. 

5. We head into the city for lunch today. I say, "eclectic wine list," and he takes me to The Purple Pig. We are the first ones in line, in the rain. 

6. The lion on the fountain. It feels like he's speaking to me. That smile and then the eyes. He reminds me of the door knocks in New Orleans. Maybe I'll put one on the door of our next home. 

7. 2016 Tenuta di Taviganano, Il Pestifero, PetNat of Verdicchio, Malvasia, and Sangiovese. 2014 Charly Thévenet, Grain & Granit from Regnie. Beef Tendon Chicharrones, Roasted Corn, Tomato, and Arugula Salad, Cavatelli with Octopus, Almonds roasted in Pork Fat, Rosemary, & Garlic, a cheese board, affogato and a glass of Sherry. City eating is so much more fun. 

8. 57th Street. There are leaves already pressed against the ground. Fall is coming. It's quiet here. So much that's on the shelf is unfamiliar. We settle on a Blaufrankish and Mataossu. 

9. Chicken topped with prosciutto and provolone. My chicken breasts have gone bad. I see that someone else in the neighborhood has also put their house up for sale. Everything feels really wrong. I get to Target and frantically text my parents and my wolf mom for advice. Everyone tells me the same thing: Just breathe. I feel like I'm faking faith. 

10. Turns out we didn't buy Blaufrankish but a Zwiegelt.  No matter. We're intrigued by its flavor. A light mist is falling, the street is quiet, he assures me that everything is going to be okay.