Ten.Four Hundred & Fifteen

1. 5:15. Trying to work myself back to 4:30 again. I like the extra-quiet hours before dawn. 

2. Apple-cider vinegar with a dab of raw honey in water before anything else today. 

3. The color of the fruit blended together. Food is art. 

4. I burn 20 cloves of garlic in the oil in an attempt to replicate something I saw on television. I get it right the second time, let the infused oil cool and then toss in fresh rosemary and the lamb chops so that they can marinate. 

5. Headaches. I know what they are from: too much screen time. I've been telling myself that I need to get better. I'm not really good at moderation. I'm more of an all or nothing kind of person. 

6. Laundry and lots of tea and water and salad with cranberries and candied walnuts.

7. The sky looks like rain. 

8. The same tiny bird with a little bit of red on his head keeps hopping around on the back stoop. He makes me smile. 

9. My neighbors had their house packed up today. I don't want to be jealous but I am. I don't want to helpless or hopeless but I kind of do. I know that this is not the right attitude to have but it is the realness of this moment. 

10. I'll try again tomorrow.