Ten.Four Hundred & Eight

1. It's eerily quiet. 

2. Plenty of tomatoes for me to harvest today. The watermelons are getting bigger. The sound of the water hitting the gravel. 

3. Last night's dream. It's funny how a dream can shift your way of being. I am grateful for the message that came through. I needed that apology.

4. Butter, water, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, a pinch of salt, oats. I've been making this for 10 years now. 

5. This is the last Monday before school starts. I am equal parts excited and sad. I will miss the slowness of the days and cuddles in the afternoon. But I'm ready for routine and structure. Plus I need to start packing. 

6. Too many ideas. 

7. Sometimes inspiration comes to me in cycles. I decided to be more committed to the muse when she shows up in full force. It means working on ideas without questioning their validity. it means following the breadcrumbs that I see scattered before me. 

8. "Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it." - Moonwalking with Einstein

9. I carry his question with me throughout the day. 

10. Ask.