Ten.Three Hundred & Sixty-Nine

1. Up early and the sky is still dark and the air feels even more humid than the day before. No need to water this morning because of the storms from last night. 

2. So dark I need the twinkle lights on. No yoga because I know I'll be out trimming bushes and cutting back the tomatoes and the watermelon. 

3. I make granola and then we make a list. 

4. Does it really matter?

5. They are definitely persistent. And I let them bake snickerdoodles while I clean out the cabinets. Flour, sugar, cream of tartar—so much of it on the floor. 

6. And it still doesn't feel real. 

7. I sit in the chair in the alcove and read until the heat makes it so that I can't see any more. But I'm reluctant to go back inside...to go back to the work that awaits. 

8. I sneak onto Instagram to watch her stories. I say the French names in my head and imagine what the air must feel and taste like where she is. I feel the heat of envy. I also feel the warmth of pride. I'm proud of her and in awe of her and so happy that she is there and doing this. I wish I could have made it happen. I will have my own turn. 

9. Sky thickened with clouds. Then the clouds thin themselves out until there are just whisps here and there. And then the sky turns to cornflower and the clouds, because of how they're eating the light from the sun, turn into the softest yet most electric shade of peach. The sunsets here are just so hard to beat.

10. This is the Great Adventure.