Ten.Three Hundred & Sixty-Five

1. One year. I don't see the ending. 

2. We have guests coming for dinner. There are shortcakes and loaves of focaccia to make. And still a few walls to wipe down. 

3. 7:36 am and they are already arguing. 

4. She emails me to tell me that I had to 363's and so really yesterday was my one year mark. I chuckle. Of course I'm off by a day. I debate whether or not I should fix it. But since it maybe doesn't really matter, I decide to leave the days numbered as they are. 

5. There's not enough magic eraser for these walls so I call it quits and then realize that I'll still need to paint in order to get rid of most of these marks. 

6. The smell of spaghetti and meatballs and shortcakes and focaccia. 

7. Flowers and two bottles of wine: White Burgundy and Chianti. The flowers would photograph beautifully and for a quick second I think about returning to Instagram the following day in order to show them. 

8. That moment where you had forgotten to ask your husband the other wife's name and you get swept up in conversation and forget to ask and now it's 5 hours later and you want to use her proper name and say a name that you think you heard someone call her but you're not sure so you cross your fingers that you don't sound like a dolt.

9. The time has passed so quickly and that's how you know that the gathering was good. 

10. Straight to sleep.