Ten.Three Hundred & Seventy-Two

1. Water. 

2. Mist rising up from the wetlands out back. The sun has not yet risen above the tree line and so there's this milky orange glow to the grasses that feels otherworldly. 

3. A dozen donuts. I will probably eat 3 of them and drink that mug of coffee with so much joy.

4. We eat the sugar donuts and drink coffee in the alcove. I keep looking at my watch. Ok. I'll start my work at 9.

5. What is today? The last 3 days have felt like Saturday. Today is Sunday. Tomorrow begins the week and there is much to do. Client work plus pool promises plus life. 

6. I keep forgetting things and end up crossing the store 3 times. This is not typical but I'm also not surprised.

7. "Respect one another, support one another, bring your gift to the world and receive the gifts of others, and there will be enough for all." - Braiding Sweetgrass

8. She's a little too talkative. 

9. We sit together on the stoop. talking about all the things that are really about one thing, watching the sprinkler wave back and forth. It's almost like a meditation. I do love this about summer: the sounds of sprinklers and bike chains and laughter. 

10. I make it real and share.