Ten.Three Hundred & Seventy-Six

1. A thin strip of neon pink behind the trees.

2. I remember to water. Of course I get wet because it’s early and I haven’t yet had any coffee and I’m not thinking about how I’m going to get all wet if I stay here.  

3. The black toad is still not back.  

4. Anything else but the basement.  

5. It feels good to be back in this corner, with this light, and the camera in hand. I miss all of this. 

6. So much laundry. 

7. She asks me, “what was the book you were reading that made you want to quit social media?” It wasn’t really just that one book, but a result of ALL of the books I’ve read this year. So much knowledge and truth ingested and it turned into a much-needed respite from engaging the world in that way for a bit. 

8. And I still don’t have any new clarity or wisdom from that break. I do, however, have a renewed entusiasm for my art and my work.  

9. Why not? 

10. “All of our flourishing is mutual.” - Braiding Sweetgrass