Ten.Three Hundred & Seventy-One

1. There so much light in the room that I think it's later that 5:30. I feel like donuts today and coffee. I haven't had coffee in almost three weeks.

2. The donut shop is closed for the week. I had forgotten that she takes this week off. I circle back to the grocery story for bacon and hash browns. Those also go well with coffee.

3. The air is still cool and pleasant and the birds are singing and there's this one that keeps gliding on the wind, reminding me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. He looks so free.

4. We sit in the sun on the first step, talking and watching the cars go by, tossing around ideas and possibilities. Neither of us wanting to do the work that's ahead. I am honest about the fact that I'm procrastinating. 

5. I finish cleaning out the pantry and organizing the rest of the kitchen cabinets. There is a birthday party for the younger two and I forgot the presents. I always forget about presents. 

6. All the things we will be able to see.

7. I spot a monarch butterfly making circles and I stick my hand out, wanting so badly for it to land in the palm of my hand. It doesn't and that's okay. I stand for another few minutes an watch it flit about and then give it thanks for its beauty and say to myself, "why yes, things are transforming here, aren't they?"

8. Awkward conversations. 

9. The sunflower is now taller than him which means it's over 6-feet tall and still growing. 

10. We won't look at the stars tonight but I know what there. Past, present, and future all existing at once. I can claim something now, knowing that in some other realm it already exists.