Ten.Three Hundred & Seventy-Four

1. Moths clinging to window screens. 

2. The clouds are dark but the air is so still. No one's flag is fluttering, no leaf is shimmying. Everything is asleep. 

3. I water the garden and check on the watermelon. Two little watermelon babies. So unbelievable. 

4. Paint. So much paint.

5. Pain in the knees. I am tired but I keep going because there is no more time left. 

6. Choosing to hold the brightest vision. 

7. My friend once told me that she was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. That's the feeling I'm having now. How could it be this good? What is the "bad" that's waiting around the bend? 

8. Seat cushions, bud vase, navy comforter, air fresheners. 

9. The sign makes it more real. 

10. The list doesn't get any smaller.