Ten.Three Hundred & Seventy-Five

1. I wake up before the alarm. Idris Elba. 

2. The quiet of pre-dawn. I water the garden, look for ripened Chocolate Sprinkles, notice that something is eating the sage leaves.  

3. Coffee. So good to be back. I brush the mulch off the front porch and off the driveway. I bend over to pull up the dead petunia and am startled by a black toad burrowed into the mulch.  

4. Today is the day.

5. Impatiently waiting.  

6. Refresh over and over again waiting for the official listing.

7.  No longer a secret. We are moving. 

8. I am so tired and there is still so much to do. 

9. Dessert.  

10. Everything is changing.