Ten.Three Hundred & Seventy-Eight

1. I can't see the stars. It looks like rain. 

2. It is rain. I fill up my water bottle and look at the damp concrete. It will rain all day today. 

3. Donuts. 

4. The anxiety is just fear working its way through. I write again, "What is the truth? What am I really afraid of?"

5. I only eat half of the donut. Nerves maybe. I keep drinking the coffee though. I look at my watch and decide to give myself 30 more minutes of reading. 

6. Who's panicking now?

7. I missed lunch. This Twix is unsatisfying. This is how it will be on days there are showings. You kind of wish that if you had to go through all of this effort that it would at least be for more than one person.

8. She asks if there have been any offers yet. Everyone is just as surprised as we are that no one is coming to look at the house. 

9. Furmint while prepping potatoes and the chimichurri. 

10. We stay out in the alcove longer than usual, watching the light turn from blue to gray to orange. It looks like a storm is coming. Tomorrow there will be more rain.