Ten.Three Hundred & Seventy

1. There's no condensation on the windows and the trees and grass are all shaking from a breeze. I know that means it must be a cool morning. I am grateful for it after this stretch of heat.

2. Things scattered everywhere and we have a guest coming for dinner this evening. I think I'll make the butternut squash pasta. Or maybe something a little lighter. Maybe a Greek Salad and chicken breasts and some roasted veggies. 

3. Immunity tea and morning pages in the alcove. Stillness. 

4. He asks me what I'm afraid of. Why I haven't told anyone yet. That it seems a little silly to be so excited about something and to not be sharing it. He doesn't know that I asked myself those same questions in my journal earlier this morning. There is fear there. There is anxiety about all of it. 

5. Two turkey burgers with a little bit of dijon mustard eaten while standing at the counter. I know this is not good for my digestion. Also: I never thought I'd love turkey burgers this much. 

6. But this is really happening. I send out texts to only a handful of people; only the ones I really want to see.

7. 1 part lemonade and 4 parts La Croix. 

8. We serve skirt steak with blue cheese sauce, roasted potatoes, and roasted asparagus. I am surprised by my appetite. 

9. We find Jupiter and Venus. And I think we see Saturn too and a few other stars, one that is 500 light years away. We talk about how what we're seeing is something that is older than the Earth. There is no such thing as time.

10. Fireworks.