Ten.Three Hundred & Ninety-One

1. He's up before me for an early flight. I can tell that autumn is coming. There is not as much light at this time as there used to be just last month. Summer is almost over. 

2. I remind myself that there will be no perfection. I can only do the best I can with the resources I have at the moment. 

3. The sun is hitting me on the legs in the just right way that warms me. Prayers and gratitude in the pages today. 

4. The remodeled store is beautiful but in some ways, I am frustrated by how much has changed. Nothing is where it used to be. 

5. I will just finish these pages before I eat lunch. But I know that I'm just putting off the real work that needs to be done. 

6. I can start with laundry. I can start with the easy things. I know that my inability to move from the floor is a symptom of Overwhelm. She reminds me that the floor is there to support me and to hold and I then I take a few more breaths before rising to an upright position. 

7. Change clothes. Put on loud music. Start by making the beds. It's 4:00pm but who cares?

8. Steak with chimichurri and roasted potatoes and green beans. I realize that I never ate lunch. I keep missing meals and instead, using a book a very small snack as nourishment but that's not ever really enough. 

9. We laugh at the robin that keeps bouncing from the driveway to the tree to the lawn in search of the elusive rain coming down from the sprinkler. He can't seem to figure out where to go in order to stay consistently wet.

10. I give myself one more pep talk before I go to sleep.