Ten.Three Hundred & Ninety-Four

1. 1:18 am. I still do not feel better. 

2. I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep. I can't shut off my mind. I try to stick songs into my head and nothing stays very long. 1:47 am. 2:16 am. I debate just getting up and starting my day. 3:06 am. The alarm goes off at 4:30. I hit snooze and close my eyes. 5: 15. 

3. The smell of skunk and the mist hanging close to the ground. 

4. The way the fog has risen and is hanging over everything. 

5. Extra pages. More prayers. Still angry. Understanding that the anger doesn’t nothing for me.  

6. Meditation for stress.  

7. But there’s a resolution and that feels good. 

8. I begin Children of Blood and Bone and what excites me are characters that look like me and words that I don’t know but that somehow still feel familiar. 

9. Leftovers.  

10. Night comes fast.