Ten.Three Hundred & Eighty-Two

1. Maybe today is a dress day.

2. Cravings: Bacon and eggs and toast and coffee. What is today? Wednesday? Yes, this is a good midweek breakfast. 

3. Jeff always waters the plants in his pajamas: a dark blue cotton shirt, silky-looking navy pajama pants that stop just above the ankles, and black athletic slides. 

4. I had asked the sky to see them again and here they are. I look up just in time to catch a glimpse of her from the window over the kitchen sink. I walk over to the sliding glass door and open it to feel the cool air and to watch her eat. Then I see the baby bound up the hill. This one is less cautious than last summer's child. They stand there together for a few more moments before disappearing behind a blanket of trees.

5. Three hours of screen time. I take the kids to the pool and bring a book. It's the just-right temperature. The sun is hot but when it slinks behind the clouds a coolness returns. I have to cover myself with a dry towel to keep the chills away. 

6. One dead moth with beautiful markings in orange and yellow and black. I leave it where it is. 

7. Not enough time to cook. Mediocre take-out BBQ. Cooking would have been worth the weight. 

8. Same argument over and over. None of my answers to the questions make much a difference. I don't know what to do. 

9. I drape the shawl over my arms and legs. The breeze is gentle. Lots of people are out this evening on account of the drop in temperature. 

10. I try to stay awake but I just can't. Besides, tomorrow is a long day.