Ten.Three Hundred & Eighty-Six

1. Something fell.  But it wasn't so loud that anyone else got up. So maybe it's my imagination. 

2. Dreams of sunshine and large elk in the backyard.

3. Stamina, strength, patience, community. 

4. I just don't want to get out of bed. Maybe, at the end of a week of 4:30 am wake-ups, my body is trying to make up for all the sleep it's missed. I've felt on the verge of a cold for the last several days. I'm taking this as a sign to just stay put and rest. 

5. I just want Tiger to win again. 

6. He tells me that I look good, the food smells great, the house is clean, but that I look annoyed. It's not that we're having a guests. I'm thinking of the things that need to be done the next week. I'm not annoyed, I'm just, maybe overwhelmed. 

7. Also, there is the dentist tomorrow and I really dislike going to the dentist, even for routine things like a cleaning. I'd just rather not go.

8. I am too busy with making dinner and thinking about dinner to pay attention to what we're drinking. But I think I liked the reds the best, a Valpolicella and a Chianti, though the whites were not that bad either, a Saove and a Pinot Bianco, I think. I really ought to pay more attention. I need to get back to tasting more regularly. 

9. There is much to do. 

10. But this peach crisp might be one of the best desserts I've ever made. It's the crust. Chewy, and crispy, and yet also soft. Just sweet enough. Next time I'll add just a little acid to the peaches.