Ten.Three Hundred & Eighty-Seven

1. A wall of clouds. But I think I need to water this morning. 

2. Dentist. I'll be fine. I should probably meditate or something. 

3. Some of the heirlooms are beginning to ripen. There is watermelon vine growing up the side of the house and across another bed. I need to cut it back but I also spot three new baby melons and the thought of accidentally killing them saddens me. But the growth is overwhelming. 

4. The dentist is not as bad as I think it will be. We decide that for the time being, I should buy generic mouth guard to help with the night-time clenching. 

5. That feeling of crossing items off the to-do list. That feeling of submitting an invoice. That feeling of still doing it on your own terms. That feeling of remembering that you get to choose when and how those terms change. 

6. Red-winged blackbird chases away monarch butterfly. I should probably go ahead and pick those ripe tomatoes before I forget again. 

7. Laptop on the back stoop because I can't make my way through the watermelon vines to the bench in the garden. I'll need to cut those back before the open house on Saturday. 

8. We harvest almost two pounds of cherry tomatoes. I put them all in the little one's shirt. We lost one large watermelon and all the baby watermelons to pruning. It needed to be done but it still felt like Loss. Like hard work and patience left unrewarded. 

9. He laughs at my statue but I tell him, "you have your ways, and I have mine." I don't think extra prayer can hurt anything. 

10. You know your husband loves you when he makes a Target run for ice cream because the kids ate the rest of it and now you have nothing to put atop the peach cobbler you've been waiting all day to eat. Yes, I am loved. No, I take none of it for granted.