Ten.Three Hundred & Eighty

1. I sleep in just a little bit but long enough that sun beats me.

2. What is today? Monday. There is laundry and a load of client work to attend to. But first coffee and some re-heated steel cut oats with walnuts and blueberries and a drizzle of honey. 

3. The pink and yellow petunias and the thin petals of the hydrangea, chocolate colored mulch, green grass, and black asphalt, gray-white concrete, stone and ants and dragonflies.

4. All the emails. Fever Dreams soundtrack to keep me going. 5 spots left. It seems like a dream. A few days ago I told her that we had created something special, really special. Honored by the trust and the desire and the curiosity of these women who are choosing to be with us. 

5. I want to sit in the sun but it's too humid for the heat to feel good. I settle back into the basement where it's almost too cold.

6. Dragonfly meeting me again in this space. Prosperity. Good Luck. Strength. Peace. Harmony. Purity. 

7. Popcorn with butter. 

8. I know that this is just the manifestation of stress. I'm focusing on the wrong things. 

9. Crock-pot chicken tacos. I keep skipping lunch. Part nerves, part laziness. 

10. The stone feels cools against my feet. The sky does this interesting thing where, just before the sun sets behind the hill, the neighborhood glows a little brighter before night settles in.