Ten.Three Hundred & Thirty-Seven

1. Two days in a row. 

2. I go out back to harvest and water. I end up with a basket full of spinach, basil, cilantro, and mint. The level of satisfaction I feel is high. 

3. They use some of the spinach to make his omelet. I’ll save everything else for something else. Maybe I need hooks for drying now.  

4. “Obedience is following the grain of things. With that skill of obedience, every natural thing knows above all how to be itself, come what may.” - Die Wise

5. Morning pages in the alcove. The stree is quiet. I hear the neighbor and his friend next door moving the slab of walnut to the basement for his bartop. 

6. Nap. But not the kind where you’re fully asleep. The kind where you half-hear everything even though you don’t want to.  

7. All the design books. I need inspiration for this home. Dreaming up a vision for this space.  

8. I dump all the feta into the bowl for this salad. There’s something about summer and a Greek salad with all the tomatoes and the dress dill.  

9. We get there at 6:30 and don’t eat until 8:30. I am silently apologizing to my husband.  

10. It takes me a little bit to wind down from the night. Sometimes an experience just leaves you so abuzz.